• Installation of solar geysers and heat pumps: ELNINO SOLAR consultants offer advice and solutions for solar geysers and heat pumps
  • Every house or development is aesthetically different in style and size but we have a solution for you!
  • ELNINO SOLAR provides plumbing kits for installation of solar and heat pumps that comply with SANS regulations and Municipal bylaws.


  •  We offer solutions for small, medium and large businesses and industries to save thousands per month on electricity consumption.
  • ELNINO SOLAR consultants use data logging equipment to measure your hot water usage and electricity requirements to obtain accurate data to provide the right solution.
  • Payback periods on capital outlay for energy saving solutions for these applications are provided using processed data obtained from data logging equipment.


  • ELNINO SOLAR will provide you with a PV solution from small systems to large systems.
  • Grid tied and off grid systems with all materials needed are supplied by us.
  • We provide the panels, inverters, batteries and cabling as well as the connectors and brackets that you will need to complete your installation. You can expect the best advice and service from us.